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Airplanes/Starships Empty Airplanes/Starships

Post by DavidPires on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:03 pm

As it is kind of undecided (probbly gonna kep it on GTA SA though) if the MEGA MOD is gonna stay in GTA SA or if it is going to update to GTA V, I'm gonna post for both:

AT-400 - Acclamator-class cruiser (kinda like a small support version of the star destroyer), or if it is too big, the counsouler-class ship (the republic - not rebellion - medical and support ship)
Hydra - TIE Fighter
Dodo - The Nabbo Starfighter (really cool by the way, gj delz)
Shamal - The classic X-Wing
Nevada (I think) and Beagle - I think that bombers would be fitting, so either Y-Wing or the TIE Bomber (1 for each)
Cropduster -
Stuntplane - TIE Interceptor (an more aerodynamic easier to control TIE Fighter)
Skimmer - A-Wing
Duster -

Atomic Blimp - There's already a mod of a Star Destroyer and I think that's good
Xero Blimp - Given that the normal blimp is a STar Destroyer and it should be because the police and military are Imperial, the Xero Blimp should be a Mon Clamari capital ship, I think.
Cargo Plane - The Acclamator-Class Cruiser, or the Counsouler-Class ship if the Acclamator is too big.
Titan - The Counsouler-Class Ship if it is too small for the Cargo Plane and good for the Titan, or the TIE Bomber.
Jet - The Counsouler-Class ship if it is too small for the Cargo Plane and too big for the Titan.
Besra - X-Wing
P-996 LAZER - TIE FIghter
Shamal - A-Wing
Velum - TIE Interceptor
Mallard -
Mammatus -

Keep in mind that this are just ideas and that most of these planes won't make it into the mod.
I know of two more ships: The Rebel Transport (Spherical Ship) and the Imperial Transport, but I can't fit them anywhere...
You can contribute by giving suggestions about what ships should be in what place and what ships should make it into the Mega Mod.

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