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Ranks and Descriptions

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Ranks and Descriptions Empty Ranks and Descriptions

Post by HubertKenobi on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:48 pm

Level of Ranks:

1º- Emperor --------- (Admin)
2º- Lord ------------- (Sub-Admin)
3º- Captain ------------- (Moderators)
4º- Lieutenant -------- (Best helpers / Co-Moderators)
5º- Sergent ---------- (Good helpers)
6º- Recruit ----------- (Beginners)

7º- Trash -------------------- (Piece of shit)

Special Ranks:

3º- General ----------- (Moderator / Ideas / Quarterback)
3º- Senator ------------- (Developers / Moderators / Diplomat)
3º- Lock Picker Captain ---------- (Hacker / Moderators / Defender)
4º- Spy -------- (Best helpers / Co-Moderators / Downloader)



The numbering, describes the administration group of rank.

  • Administration groups:
    1º- Admin - Leader of forum, the administrator.
    2º- Sub-Admin - Sub-Leader, most important without the admin.
    3º- Moderator - A person who keeps order and moderation! Most important helpers
    4º- Sub-Moderator - Who is already a good level, also helps to moderate. Very good helper!
    5º- Veteran / Minor Moderator - No longer a beginner. Is evolving. Can help moderate, but dont have moderator rights.
    6º- Recruit / Beginner ´- He is a member who is still a beginner. He can also show what is capable.

We need help to make this mod!
Read the credits...
We need Modellers, programmers, voices, designers, moderators, hackers(to protect us from crackers)...
Can you help us?

If you want to sign up, are welcome! Sign up on Public Posts



Order of registration:

Name :___________
Age* :___________________
Specialization** :___________________
What is my purpose...*** :__________________
Exprience in games :__________________
About Me**** :_________________

* (we do not need to know the day and the month ...)
** (you know work best in what?)
*** (which is my intention)
**** (field is not required)


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  • Spy
  • Engineer

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